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When preparing for a landscape redesign, one of the most difficult aspects to deal with is the financial investment. It can be a pricy ordeal, and not knowing precisely what you will be getting in the end can be something that holds you back from going through with it. Most companies do offer 2D drawings of what your home will look like in the end, but they are poor reflectors of what a landscape will look like after thousands of dollars of work is completed. This is precisely why New Image Phoenix Landscaping offers 3D landscape Modeling to give you a precise idea of what you should expect when your landscape is finished!

Using this top of the line program, you can see what your landscape and pool will look like in a full customizable 3D world. You can “walk through” your newly designed landscape, see what your pool design looks like from every angle, and even see what your yard looks like from windows in your house! Best of all, this modeling software allows you to customize basically everything! Trying to decide between paint colors? Not sure what plants you want? Using this software, you can drag, drop, and compare anything you want, so you can know exactly what you are paying for.

With this technology, all of the guessing work that you used to have to do is a thing of the pass. Now, you will have a firm hand in deciding exactly how everything turns out in the end, eliminating the worry of paying for something that looks nothing like what the contractor portrayed. And, you’ll even be able to see exactly how everything will look months after construction, giving you that foresight that could make or break this project. So eliminate the guess work, and take a little risk out of this investment, by calling New Image today! You will definitely be happy you did.

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